Review of the Back-to-School Packaging Party!

September 7, 2019

Our packaging party celebrating the start of the new school year was a success! Thank you to everyone who donated, showed up and/or participated in the event! At the end of the party, we had packaged a total of 334 bags of feminine products, far exceeding our initial goal of 250! We couldn’t have accomplished that much without everyone’s help.

Our crew of awesome volunteers!

The packaging party was held this last Saturday, the 7th of September. Around 30 volunteers arrived at First Presbyterian Church of Fenton to help with packaging, stapling, stickering and loading the bags; each of which contain enough feminine products to support a woman for one month’s cycle.

All 334 bags!

We are thrilled by the success of the Back to School Packaging Party! Keep your eye out for a post listing where we will donate these bags to and be sure to look out for the date of our next Packaging Party (TBD)! We look forward to seeing many of you there!

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